Need help installing?


Click here for installation instructions.


How long should I make my track?

  • Your track should be at least double the width of your door (ex: If the width of your barn door is 36”, you will need a 72” track.)

Please be advised: We are unable to ship any product over 8ft via ground shipment. If your track is longer than 8ft, it will arrive in separate segments with a splice to connect the pieces.


Q: Which Door Guide should I use?

“U” Style — Our default option. The door will run through the “U” shape like a channel. Any door larger than 1 3/4″ will require a custom guide. Click here for photo

“L” Style — The most inconspicuous option. The L style sits inside a groove you will need to route out in the bottom of the door. Click here for photo

Wall mount — If your floor is tile or cement, you can add a wall mount to either of the above styles to avoid drilling into the floor. Click here for photo


What are Track Holes?

  • Pre-Drilled Track: Holes will be drilled every 16” on the track.
  • No Holes: You will drill the holes yourself.


Why don’t you pre-drill track holes on every set?

  • If your wall does not have solid backing, you’ll need to drill the holes to align with your studs.


Q: How long will it take to get my order? Can I get a rush on my order?

A: Our production times tend to vary. We are happy to discuss rush options, just give us a call at (801) 375-5145.


Does this work for any Door Thickness?

  • Our hardware is made for standard Barn Doors (1 3/4” thick) and standard trim (3/4” thick) if you have a custom door that requires less or more space, please contact and we can make you a custom set.  


Do I need Additional Hangers?

  • Each set of hardware comes with 2 hangers per door. Additional hangers are required for any door that is larger than 5ft in width.