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About Us


With a history of custom quality and design, White Shanty offers a rich and wide array of styles and materials for barn door and barn door hardware needs. All products are built right here in the U.S., using only the best of materials, by our expert, in-house craftsmen. Because we strive to meet and exceed your needs, we can custom build any barn door order to be an exact match for your project.

Our quality comes from the fact that we have a humble beginning as a family started, owned, and operated business, adding to our understanding of using only high-quality products in family spaces and elsewhere in the home. White Shanty has grown from those beginnings. That growth occurred due to the firm belief in, and dedication to, giving people and their homes a product they can be proud to own, and proud to say is made entirely on U.S. soil.

Building on our foundation of domestically built quality, White Shanty believes that each product we make should be a one-of-a-kind piece of art with showroom quality that completes your space and adds value to your home.

The choice to add a barn door over a traditional door to your home space is a choice to be unique, stand out, and show your personality. At White Shanty, we value this choice and strive to work with you to make it one of your happiest home project choices ever. Select from materials such as oak, walnut, alder and more before combining your material with the right combination of stain, paint, weathering, or finish so you have a standout work of art that exemplifies your choice to be unique.

Based in Pennsylvania just outside of Amish Country, White Shanty can ship your sliding barn door and sliding barn door hardware anywhere both domestically and internationally. We thank you for your choice to work with us on your next home project and look forward to making it one of your most satisfied choices in home design ever.