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Sliding Kitchen Barn Doors

Make a statement in your kitchen with a sliding barn door!
As one of the busiest places in your house, a space saving
custom barn door is the perfect way to finish your space.
Explore our doors below or call us for a custom design.

Sliding Kitchen Barn Doors

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  • Sliding Kitchen Barn Doors

    In most households, the kitchen acts as the hub of social activity. This busy room is often filled with parents cooking meals, kids seeking snacks, and family and friends socializing over food and food preparation. The last thing you need is people accidentally whacking each other as they fling open pantry doors or careen into the room through a swinging door. With sliding kitchen barn doors from White Shanty, these incidents are a thing of the past, and you’ll enjoy beautiful, functional additions to your busy kitchen space.

    Convenient Doors that Upgrade Décor

    Some homeowners may find the look of weathered wood sliding barn doors a beautiful and noteworthy addition to their décor. Others might think it’s too heavy for their bright kitchen space. The good news is, you have tons of options to explore, with solutions fit for every practical need and style preference.

    You can, of course, go the traditional route with rustic, reclaimed wood. However, you can also choose from a wide selection of materials and colors to perfectly suit the aesthetics of your space, and even deliver additional function. At White Shanty, we’re pleased to offer:

    • Painted or stained wood (including custom paint and stain options)
    • Patterned wood panels (chevron, diamond, herringbone, arrow, circles, and more)
    • Glass panels
    • French and half French doors
    • Mirrored panels
    • Magnetic chalkboard or white board
    • Corkboard
    • and more

    Maybe you want glass panels or elegant French doors to separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room, preserving your sight lines and allowing natural light to flow through even when closed. You could also add a chalkboard, white board, or corkboard panel for the pantry, camouflaging your storage while providing a space for important family notes, a household schedule, and children’s artwork, for example, leaving your fridge doors clutter-free.

    Once you’ve selected the sliding kitchen barn doors that best meet your needs and complement existing interior design, you’ll move on to selecting custom sizing, adding hardware like handles and locks, and deciding whether you want soft close features.

    Benefits of Sliding Kitchen Barn Doors

    The wonderful thing about adding barn doors in place of swinging doors for kitchens is that they don’t automatically revert to the closed position when you walk through. You can leave them open most of the time, and then consciously close them as needed for privacy or peace and quiet.

    In addition, they don’t take up valuable square footage that most kitchens desperately need, what with so many people crowding in. They hug the wall as you slide them aside, adding convenient and space-saving function to the busiest room in your home. You also have options for single, bypass, or double sliding barn doors to ensure the right style and function for every doorway.

    Measuring for Sliding Kitchen Barn Doors

    Precise measurements are essential any time you undertake home upgrades. While you might not think measuring for sliding barn doors is as difficult as swinging doors that have to fit perfectly within a door frame, you still need to measure the doorway, not to mention the wall space around it, accurately to ensure that your panels and the tracks that support them fit in available space.

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