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Sliding Barn Door Inspiration (With Images)

Sliding Barn Door Inspiration (With Images)

Sliding barn doors are great because they can be customized in any size, color, style and configuration to fit any room. All of White Shanty’s sliding barn doors are custom-built and can be customized in any size, color or finish. Check out these unique styles and find your sliding barn door inspiration.

Uses By Room


Sliding barn doors are great for bathrooms where you want to create a calm, relaxing environment. Plus, they’re less expensive than pocket doors. 

This bathroom barn door features a mirror to give you a piece of stylish home decor with your bathroom door.


Custom colors allow you to match your barn door to any color palette, like this blue X-pattern.


Custom sizes make it easy to fit a barn door to any bathroom configuration, like this wide-framed doorway.


Sliding doors can also be used to create storage space inside the bathroom, like this bathroom closet door.


Living Rooms

Living room barn doors make it easy to create a partition between rooms, and can be configured as single or double doors based on available wall space.

These black double barn doors add a dark color contrast to a lighter living room color palette.


These living room double barn doors use a symmetrical pattern to create a visual center piece that draws the eye.


The light wood finish on this living room door contributes to the room’s southwest motif.



Bedroom barn doors can be configured to allow light to pass through, or as a solid door for maximum privacy.

These gorgeous double wood doors are perfect for bedroom closet space.


This reclaimed wood door fits perfectly with the bedroom’s rustic color theme.

reclaimed wood bedroom barn door

Bedroom barn doors with glass panes are perfect for low-light situations where light passes through from another room.


Closets & Pantries

Sliding barn doors work especially well for closets and pantries where there is no space for a traditional swinging door.

This bedroom barn door uses a stunning combination of stained wood and black paint in a zig-zag pattern to provide extra style to a bedroom closet.


This closet barn door is used where a swinging door would block the hallway completely, and is painted to match the existing color palette.


Mirrored barn doors are especially useful for bedroom closets and can replace a full length mirror, adding form and function.


This reclaimed wood door is used to cover a bathroom closet and adds a splash of contrast to a lighter color palette.




A painted sliding barn door is an easy way to add a pop of color to a room.

This dark blue barn is used to cover the entrance to the laundry room.


 Lighter colors, like this robin’s egg blue set of bypass doors, can be used with lighter color themes.


This gorgeous dark green door fits perfectly with the room’s existing color accents.


This forest green door uses a triple X pattern to add texture and depth.


Red sliding barn doors can add a real pop of color to otherwise neutral rooms.


In addition to brighter colors, doors can be custom painted in any shade, like this black living room barn door.



Chevron barn doors form an arrow pattern, with each side of the barn door having diagonal and symmetrical panels.

Chevron barn doors add pattern and texture to any room.



X pattern barn doors use planks to create an X-pattern, which can be the entire size of the door, or just half of it.

This double X, double barn door design creates a stunning quadruple X panel.


 This traditional X pattern with stained wood finish adds contrast to the gray and white paint palette, and adds a rustic touch to a modern design.



Rustic barn doors have modern construction and safety, but have a rustic, reclaimed finish that gives them an older, vintage look.

This reclaimed rustic barn door uses reclaimed wood with a beautiful patina.


A rustic finished door can be a focal point in a room, like this rustic-style office.



Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding barn doors come in many varieties to suit any design. You can have a full pane of glass, or a half pane door. Door frames can be metal, wood, or a combination of both.

These double doors are painted to match the room’s color palette and use 4 glass panels to add light to the room.


This set of double doors uses two half-width doors with a gorgeous wood frame and 15-pane window design.


Sliding barn doors can be made to fit any dimensions, as evidenced by these mini double doors with 8 panes each.


For a minimalist design, the single pane door is perfect, with a customizable wood frame that can be stained in a myriad of shades.


A half-glass, half-wood door is ideal for rooms where kids or pets might spend time. This door uses a glass pane that’s just over half the height of the door, and a reclaimed wood panel at the bottom.


Wood Doors

Wood doors have the most flexibility and customization of any type of barn door. They come in a wide variety of designs, and can be painted and stained to match any design palette.

The most minimalist barn doors are wood ones, like this simple walnut sliding barn door.


These bypass barn doors use a half x-pattern style and a light wood finish which complements the white walls.


The double Z design is a classic barn door style that mimics the x pattern with one less plank. This door was made in a darker finish to match the stain on the door frame.


Mirror Doors

Mirror doors are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, and can be used to increase the amount of light in poorly-lit rooms.

This mirrored barn door separates a bedroom from the living room.


This gorgeous wood-framed mirror door uses a stain that perfectly matches the room’s furniture for a consistent design.




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