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Bypass Sliding Barn Doors

Save space with White Shanty’s bypass sliding barn
doors. Get a premium double door design without
taking up any additional wall space, making it perfect
for a pantry or a closet! Call our designers for custom configurations!

Bypass Sliding Barn Doors

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  • Double Bypass Sliding Barn Doors

    Barn doors make for a stylish and space-saving addition to any home, but you’ll gain added function and features when you choose bypass sliding barn doors designed to add utility to both small and large spaces, from doorways with minimal surrounding wall space, to multiple entries on the same wall. What benefits will you enjoy when you choose bypass sliding barn doors from White Shanty?

    Attractive, Versatile Design

    Like other barn doors, sliding models are designed to deliver the space-saving function you crave, as well as provide timeless appeal to your interior. However, sliding barn doors are special because they operate on two tracks, with one door sliding behind the other.

    This means that you can utilize a much smaller track on the wall above your door frame, making this style ideal for smaller living spaces where a larger barn door would prove oversized for available wall space. In addition to providing the superior function you need, you’ll also enjoy a slew of options for attractive door designs, including:

    • Warm wood finishes
    • Custom stain and paint
    • Weather finishes
    • French doors
    • Half-panel French doors
    • Mirrored doors
    • and more

    You can also choose custom sizing to perfectly fit your space, select from a variety of hardware options, including door handles and locks, and even add soft close features. In other words, you have every opportunity to choose the sliding barn doors that perfectly suit your needs, your interior design style, and your personal aesthetic.

    Benefits of Bypass Sliding Barn Doors

    Most homes feature swinging doors that open into a space. While these doors offer functionality in terms of creating privacy barriers between living spaces in your home, they also take up a lot of space, requiring clearance around the entry to swing freely, and then standing against the wall when open, essentially narrowing the entryway.

    TThis can be a major problem, especially in small spaces where every square foot is precious, or for homeowners who lean toward larger furnishings. With sliding barn doors, you can eliminate the issues associated with swinging doors, saving space and ensuring that you have the full width of the doorway to maneuver furniture, and added wall space for furnishings or décor.

    Best Placement for Bypass Barn Doors

    Sliding barn doors are ideally suited for placement over smaller openings where you don’t have a lot of wall space. They’re perfect for storage areas like closets or pantries, and they can also conceal openings for bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms or closets, and other living spaces.

    Although sliding barn doors are a great solution for small spaces, they are equally well suited to providing a division between larger spaces like a living room and dining room, for example, or between the main house and a sun room. This versatile option can provide an elegant transition between spaces, no matter how limited or expansive available wall surface is.

    Measuring for Bypass Barn Doors

    Accurate measurements are essential to ensuring you enjoy the coverage you crave, paired with a track that fits into even the smallest available wall space. You’ll want to measure not only the entry your sliding barn doors will cover, but also the wall around it (vertically and horizontally) to make sure that both doors and track hardware are accounted for when creating your customs doors.

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