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Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Each one of our interior sliding barn doors is crafted exactly to your specifications with the finish and style you desire. The result is a one-of-a-kind statement piece that will last a lifetime in your home. Browse our base designs and talk to a White Shanty designer today for free to customize your barn door.

In-Stock DIY Barn Door Kits

$225 - $245

  • 18 Best Selling Designs
  • DIY Assembly
  • Ready-to-Ship in 3 Business Days
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The Landmark Collection

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$675 - $1,125

  • 24 Modern Classic Designs
  • Arrives Fully Assembled & Finished
  • Affordable Craftsmanship & Design
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The Luxe Collection

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$800 - $3,000+

  • Limitless Design & Option Choices
  • Handcrafted Exactly to Your Vision
  • One-of-a-Kind Barn Door Designs
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Live Customization Support From Our Design Experts

Made in the USA by Craftsmen with 35+ Years of Experience

Fully Custom Sizing & Colors For YOur Unique Space

Handcrafted with Premium, American Made Materials

Double Barn Doors

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Bypass Barn Doors

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Barn Door Installation

Barn door installation is DIY-friendly and can be easily accomplished by following our guides. Alternatively, you may hire a contractor or handyman to install the door for you. Follow our barn door installation guide to ensure your barn door is installed safely and securely.

Barn Door Sizing & Measurements

With a regular door, you’d just measure the perimeter of the frame to choose the right size, but with a barn door, you’ll also need to measure surrounding wall space. Why? This will help you to decide on the custom size and configuration of panels to perfectly suit every doorway in your home. Fortunately, White Shanty’s designers are available to help walk you through the process with a free consultation.

Additionally, you can follow our sizing and measurements guide to determine what size barn door you will need.

Barn Door Shipping

Your customized barn door will be shipped in a custom crate via a freight carrier, fully insured against loss or damage. Delivery can be coordinated with the carrier ahead of time to make sure both parties are available. Shipping usually takes 3-7 business days. Once the barn door has been dropped off by the carrier, it is the buyer’s responsibility to move it to its final location.

Learn more about barn door shipping options.

Why Sliding Barn Doors? (Benefits)

Barn doors have many benefits for both style and functionality.

Saving Space

Aside from updating the look of your home with truly modern décor, you’ll enjoy several benefits when you install sliding barn doors. First and foremost, you’ll notice that sliding doors take up a lot less space than traditional swinging doors.

When hung on a rail over the doorway, they hug the wall as you slide them open, clearing the door frame so you have more room to move through. This also clears needed square footage to place furniture as you see fit, without the worry that it will impede the opening or closing of a swinging door.

More Light

Sliding barn doors are a great option to open up your space and increase the amount of light that comes in. Many of our doors are available with glass panes (either transparent or frosted) that allow light to pass from room to room. Additionally, sliding barn doors tuck the open door against the wall where it’s out of the way, allowing more light to pass through.


Sliding barn doors aren’t just for style, they are also available in dozens of designs that add functionality to your space. Whether you want solid wood panels for privacy, or you’d like to preserve light flow and lines of sight with window panes, you’ll find the perfect options for your needs and preferences at White Shanty.

You have every opportunity to find the perfect barn door for every room, with solid panels to preserve the privacy of bedrooms and bathrooms, options with glass panes so you can see kids in the living room while you cook in the kitchen or get some work done in your home office, and functional additions like magnetic white boards to help you organize your busy life.

With options for single panels, double panels, or multiple panels, with bypass or connecting configurations, you’ll enjoy added function and incredible visual appeal when you upgrade to sliding barn doors. Don’t forget, you can also choose hardware and soft-close features for optimal function and beauty.

Fully Customized Style

Traditional doors are usually sold off-the-shelf and are available in a limited number of styles, colors and patterns. White Shanty offers a wide variety of base designs that can be fully customized in size and color to fit your exact design specifications. Whether you want a clean, modern look or a rustic, weathered look, White Shanty is ready to build the perfect barn door for you.

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