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    White Shanty offers the largest selection of customizable panel sliding barn doors, but if you don’t see a style you like, we will build you a fully custom barn door to exactly match your specifications. Our craftsmanship, dedication to detail and our quality materials is unmatched, but how do we stack up to the competition?

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    Custom design a unique panel sliding barn door! Our panel barn doors are paired with a variety of finishes and types of glass to bring your vision to life. Continue browsing our base designs for inspiration or call an expert designer!

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      • Panel Sliding Barn Doors

        Homes are filled with a variety of doorways, from small openings for pantries, linen closets, and bathrooms, to slightly larger entrances for bedrooms and offices, to much larger openings that transition between common spaces like living and dining rooms, just for example. Some might feature swinging doors while others have no doors at all. In every case, panel sliding barn doors from White Shanty can improve both the function and aesthetics of your living spaces.

        Attractive, Convenient Design Styles and Features

        When you consider adding panel sliding barn doors to your home interior, you might think that they’re only suitable for rustic home styles. While you can certainly find a bevy of barn doors in beautiful wood grain to add texture and character to dull interior design, there are also plenty of modern options for styles, materials, and colors to choose from.

        Choose from a range of paint and stain options, or go for custom paint or stain. Consider both traditional and contemporary styles, including:

        • Beautiful, natural wood
        • Rustic wood or metal framing
        • Glass panels
        • French doors
        • Half-panel French doors
        • Chalkboard or white board magnetic panels
        • Corkboard
        • and more

        Once you’ve chosen the styles you love for different areas of your home, you can choose your hardware (handles and locks), select features like soft close, and arrange for custom sizing to fit every doorway perfectly.

        Benefits of Panel Sliding Barn Doors

        You may think one door is as good as the next, but panel sliding barn doors add incredible function and increase efficient use of space, with attractive, modern styling. Swinging doors require clearance and when they’re open, they take up valuable square footage and render every passageway narrower.

        You won’t have these issues with panel sliding barn doors, which scoot unobtrusively off to the side of your doorway, whether you have single, double, or additional panels on the track. This allows you more freedom to move through doorways (and move furniture), as well as additional space to arrange furniture and décor. As a bonus, panel sliding doors provide a timeless addition to your interior design that elevates your ambience and adds incredible personality to every room.

        Ideal Placement for Sliding Barn Doors

        There are several configurations to consider when adding panel sliding barn doors, from single panels, to bypass or double sliding panels, for example. If you’re working with minimal wall space or smaller doorways, single panel or bypass sliding barn doors should do the trick. If you’re covering a large transition between common spaces to create separation in an open floor plan, and you’ve got plenty of wall space adjacent to the opening, double sliding barn doors are a great way to meet your functional needs and add panache to an otherwise dull threshold.

        Measuring for Panel Sliding Barn Doors

        When it comes to doors, sliding barn doors are more forgiving than those that nest in door frames, but you still need accurate measurements to ensure a good fit. You’ll want to measure not only the opening you’re looking to cover, but also the wall space on either side.


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