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Sliding Metal Barn Doors

Custom design a unique sliding metal barn door! Our
metal frames are paired with a variety of finishes and
types of glass to bring your vision to life. Browse our
base designs for inspiration or call an expert designer!

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  • Sliding metal barn doors: the modern yet unique addition you’ve been looking for

    If your space needs a touch of eclecticism that still has a distinctly classic feel, look no further than our sliding metal barn doors. Our wide selection has something for every taste and every function.

    The sliding metal barn door can be used in a variety of settings and areas. It could even be more versatile than other barn doors.

    Our sliding metal barn doors come in a few key designs, and we’d like to share with you our suggestions for placement to take optimal aesthetic and functional advantage of your sliding metal barn door. Our designs include:

    Half panel doors

    We offer a variety of sliding metal barn doors that are half wooden door and half metal pane with or without glass, all typically kept together with a metal frame (although some options are framed completely by the same wood used at the bottom). Half panel sliding barn doors are a great option for any area of your home in which you want the rustic Americana feel of a standard barn door along with the option for partial visibility into the space. This could include enclosure of a playroom, a living room or lounge, or even a covering for a large bookshelf or storage area within the larger scope of a room. Additionally, half panel doors work fantastically in French door style.

    Two wood panel doors

    These sliding barn doors are similar to half panel doors in the sense that they combine the look and feel of both wood and metal into a single door, but these have a slat of wood on the north and south ends with metal paning in the middle, reminiscent of traditional Japanese style. These are great for many of the same functions as a sliding half panel barn door, as they also offer partial visibility.

    Diamond pane doors

    The diamond pane sliding barn door is made entirely from metal and boasts more of a gate style than a door, so it is a definite departure from the traditional rustic wooden barn door. However, it still provides that classic, open-floor-plan feel wherever you choose to use it. These doors are the perfect option if you’re looking to add lots of natural light to your indoor space. Since they lack the opaque, sturdy quality of a typical barn door, they won’t leave your space feeling cluttered or closed-off.

    Three panel/window pane doors

    These doors are perfect for any spot you would like a glass door to be. That could include bathrooms, a laundry room, or even the kitchen, all while providing the space efficiency of never having to swing in or out.

    To learn more about your options for sliding metal barn doors, proper care, and placement, contact us at White Shanty for a consultation with one of our wonderful designers.

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