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Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

Our Reclaimed Wood barn doors are crafted from genuine
reclaimed lumber to give each customer a one of a kind
piece for their space. Choose from a wide variety of
designs to find the right reclaimed wood door for you.

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  • Reclaimed wood barn doors: where functionality meets eclecticism

    Reclaimed wood barn doors are a great choice for those looking for that tasteful eclectic touch in their home. Because they are made of different selections of wood with different shades, patterns, and textures, they are very unique and do a great job of breaking up the sameness in any room and catching the eye in a pleasing way, particularly when paired with a monochrome furniture set.

    Barn doors can be used anywhere a typical door would be, but they are also useful for separating one part of a room from another in a way that still leaves the floor plan with an open feel, yet provides that optional privacy for different sides of the room. The barn door’s sliding function makes it possible to create complete access to a space or close off its sections in a matter of seconds.

    The reclaimed wood barn door will effectively add its off-kilter charm to any room or doorway in your home, but we particularly recommend a few specific spots:

    Living room doorway or mid-room

    Since the reclaimed wood look is a bit more complex to the eye than a door with a singular shade of wood, we think it works particularly well in neutral spaces of the home such as a living room or family room. Use this barn door as an entranceway from elsewhere in the house, or, if your living or family room is split level, use it as a barrier between levels when you want that added level of privacy. The reclaimed wood barn door goes great with monochrome furniture, but can also look right at home with an equally eclectic set.

    Bathroom door

    Depending on your particular taste, the reclaimed wood barn door may be the perfect divider between your master bedroom and bathroom. However, as with the living or family room, we recommend this style of door for a more neutral space in the home, such as the guest bathroom or another more shared bathroom.

    Playroom/rec room

    Many families choose to redesign a bedroom into a playroom for young children or even a game room for the whole family. A reclaimed wood barn door will make a funky and fun barrier to this room, and as an added bonus, barn doors are often safer for young children and won’t lead to any doorknob-related accidents.

    Will a barn door fit in my home?

    When designing the interior of their new home, some will start with barn door placement and then work out from there, modeling the style of the rooms around the styles of the doors. However, this is absolutely not required—you can add a barn door into your home’s design at any time!

    Barn doors come in a multitude of sizes and styles, and any one of them can be modified to fit your doorway or space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced designers to find or create the barn door of your dreams.

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