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French Sliding Barn Doors

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    White Shanty offers the largest selection of customizable French sliding barn doors. If you don’t see a style you like, we will build you a fully custom barn door to exactly match your specifications. Our craftsmanship, dedication to detail and our quality materials is unmatched, but how do we stack up to the competition?

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    Custom design a timeless French sliding barn door! Our barn doors are paired with a variety of finishes and types of glass to bring your vision to life. Continue browsing our base designs for inspiration or call an expert designer!

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      Shop our fully customizable Barn Door Styles

        Interior Sliding French Barn Doors

        French doors are known for adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any décor and facilitating the flow of natural light into your living spaces.

        Exceptional Versatility and Design

        The purpose of a door is to separate two living spaces, providing a measure of privacy, but what if you want to create a barrier without necessarily losing flow of light between living spaces? What if you need to close the door to your home office to work, but you still need to keep an eye on kids playing in the adjoining room?

        This is where attractive and sophisticated French sliding barn doors from White Shanty enter the picture, with the timeless design and versatility that ensure all your many needs are met. Like all sliding barn doors, French door models help you to save space over doors that swing open, whether you’re blocking off single or double-wide entries.

        You’ll find that there are also several style options to choose from to customize the function and aesthetic of this addition to your décor. Our selection of metal frame finishes includes:

        • Raw or aged steel
        • Oil rubbed bronze
        • Black or white
        • Custom finish

        Perhaps you prefer the warmth of rustic wood framing. You can select full or half panel styles, choose clear or frosted glass, and select from window designs such as:

        No matter which option you choose, you can select the styling that suits your personal design aesthetic, the level of light and privacy that supports your needs and preferences, and the custom sizing to fit your space. You can also choose one- or two-door designs, depending on the parameters of your interior.

        Benefits of French Sliding Barn Doors

        Style and function blend seamlessly with elegant French sliding barn doors that offer an abundance of utility. Resilient framing in metal or wood ensures that glass is protected, especially with the addition of soft close features.

        The glass, however, is what makes French doors so uniquely stylish and versatile. With clear glass, you’ll enjoy relatively unimpeded natural lighting and sight lines into adjacent rooms. Or you can opt for frosted glass to increase privacy when French doors are closed.

        Ideal Placement

        French doors are a great option for any room where you need a modicum of separation without losing the light, flow, and sightlines throughout your home. Place them between your living room and home office or as minimal barriers between living spaces and a music room, a children’s playroom, or a young child’s bedroom, ensuring you can keep an eye on tots even when you need them corralled so you can make work calls.

        Measuring for French Sliding Barn Doors

        Whether your space is large or small, you can add French sliding barn doors in a variety of configurations, from a single door, to expansive double sliding doors, to compact bypass sliding doors. When you provide accurate measurements of your door opening and the wall space surrounding it, we’ll help you to choose the perfect fit for your space. See how to measure for sliding barn doors.

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