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Sliding Closet Barn Doors

Maximize space with a closet sliding barn door!
Barn doors make it easy to add a functional design
element to your room without taking up a large
amount of space. Browse our designs below or
call our designers for a custom door!

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    Sliding barn doors are greatly appreciated for their unique style and rustic feel, but they have another incredibly useful feature that shouldn’t be overlooked: space-saving potential. If a door requires a certain radius to open fully, all of the space within that radius is essentially unusable. Depending on the size of the doorway and the door itself, this can eliminate a good deal of room space that could have otherwise been used for storage, furniture placement, or general decoration. A sliding barn door allows you to take back the areas previously reserved for swinging doors and truly take advantage of all the available space your home has to offer.

    In many homes, nowhere is a bit of extra space more needed than the closet. Whether a closet is shared between siblings, spouses, or even dedicated to a single user, the area around the closet can become easily overrun with dirty and clean laundry, shoes, and other household items used throughout the week such as sports equipment.

    • double X wooden paneling
    • four panel wood
    • slab style wood
    • reclaimed wood
    • and many more

    Many traditional closet doors feature a full-length mirror on one or both sides of the door, and our sliding closet barn doors are no exception! Though any sort of mirroring is of course optional, we offer sliding barn doors with full pane mirrors that are sturdily set within a wooden frame.

    Sliding Open the Door to More Possibilities

    Perhaps when reading about the benefits of a sliding barn door for a closet space, you’re imagining the same effects such a door could have on a different storage space in your home, such as a linen closet or pantry. Whatever area of your home that needs decluttering or more surrounding space, a sliding barn door will do the trick while simultaneously adding to your home’s décor.

    Additionally, depending on the size and location of your closet/pantry space, French sliding barn doors are a classy and effective option. French doors are revered in the world of interior design for effortlessly conveying a sense of luxury and beauty to any space, no matter how simple or busy the surrounding furnishings may be. French sliding barn doors would be a sophisticated addition to a master bedroom closet, a hall closet, or a pantry, just to name a few potential locations. As long as the surrounding wall space permits, French doors are a great option when attempting to improve the effective use of your space with a sliding barn door.

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