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DIY Barn Door Installation Guides

Step by step guides for all of our doors and hardware.


Here at White Shanty, we pride ourselves on crafting high quality, easy to install products. From barn doors to our unique barn door hardware, everything is DIY friendly and can easily be installed by following our guides. We provide step by step installation guides for our products to accommodate DIY teams of all skill levels. Whether putting up your barn door for the first time or swapping out the hardware, our installation guides are here to help


Barn Doors

board-batten-installation-guide.finished-png.png stile-rail-guide.png


classic standard face mount installation classic standard top mount installation straight design face mount installation straight design top mount installation single track bypass installationdouble-track-face-mount-bypass.png


soft-close-installation-guide.png hook-eye-latch-installation-guide.png tear-drop-latch-installation-guide.png

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