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Industrial Sliding Barn Doors

Make a statement with an industrial sliding barn door.
Whether you’re looking at a fully metal design or one with
wood accents, these doors are the perfect touch to your
industrial style space. Explore our designs below!

Industrial Sliding Barn Doors

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  • Industrial Sliding Barn Doors

    Though sliding barn doors originally come from a rustic farmhouse-style design, many updates have been made to their look and material to provide a plethora of options for the modern home or office. You can take your pick of a multitude of different looks and designs to make sure your sliding barn door compliments and contributes to the aesthetic of your space.

    If you favor a warm, classic style of décor, you may feel that a wooden sliding barn door, particularly with a lighter finish, works best to keep your space feeling light and welcoming. However, for those with a darker toned, more minimalistic sensibility, an industrial sliding barn door could be just what your space needs to reach its full decorative and functional potential.

    What’s in a Name?

    The character of these doors lies within their title of “industrial”: they give off a clean-cut, efficient feel and tend to work very well in a place of industry. These sliding barn doors cut an impressive figure within a workspace, whether it’s in an office building or in your home.

    Something to consider before shopping for the perfect industrial sliding barn door is your desired level of opaqueness. You may want an entirely wooden sliding barn door to keep your space completely closed off from the surrounding areas. Conversely, you may prefer a door with half wood paneling to encourage some sense of privacy, or an entirely glass or metal door to keep the flow of light between rooms and not completely separate the space from any adjoining areas.

    Unless the function of the door is to separate a private office, most workplaces experience better productivity and a more positive work environment when natural light is encouraged in the space. Some of our options for metal framed and glass paned sliding barn doors include:

    • Classic window pane
    • Three panel glass
    • Two wood panel
    • Diamond pane
    • and many more

    As always, all of our sliding barn doors are available in French door style, which can look especially stylish and efficient in a workspace setting along with their space efficiency.

    A Classy Addition to your Outdoor Space

    While industrial sliding barn doors are a tasteful option for a workspace or a minimalist home décor, they also can work extremely well in outdoor spaces such as decks or sunrooms. A door with a metal frame, as opposed to a wooden frame, is much easier to protect from elemental damage like dirt, water, and freezing, which will keep your door looking beautiful for years to come.

    Additionally, an industrial sliding barn door is perfect for the exits from the home to the yard; not only are they more fit to handle the outdoors than a completely wooden door, but they can also seamlessly fit within the furnishing style of the adjoining room, even adding an element of charm elevated from the standard swinging glass door.

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