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Vintage Sliding Barn Doors

Compliment your home style with our vintage barn doors.
Featuring custom design and finishes, these doors
highlight the charm of traditional pieces to complete
your home design. Browse our best sellers below
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Vintage Sliding Barn Doors

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  • Vintage Sliding Barn Doors

    Adding a cool, vintage vibe to your home doesn’t necessarily mean raiding Grannie’s house for doilies and heavy, ornate furniture that doesn’t match your modern décor at all. The term “vintage” refers to anything from a past generation, but you can always give it a modern twist so it complements your architecture and interior design. With vintage sliding barn doors from White Shanty, you have the opportunity to create a vintage showpiece that perfectly complements existing décor.

    Modern Convenience with Vintage Style

    If you’re interested in adding vintage appeal to your home in a modern way, there’s no better home improvement than vintage sliding barn doors. You’ll achieve the rustic, timeless appeal you crave, add the warm glow of wood to your décor, and still enjoy the function and modern conveniences these streamlined doors provide.

    It all starts with choosing the vintage style that best suits your architecture, interior design, and style sensibilities. Maybe you’re interested in the visual texture of reclaimed wood, but you need options to find your perfect style. No problem! Not only can you choose from a variety of paint and stain options, including custom paint or stain, but you can select from a variety of door patterns, including:

    • Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal
    • Chevron
    • Herringbone
    • Arrow
    • X or Z overlay
    • and more

    If a solid wood door feels a little too heavy for your space and you’re worried about preserving interior light flow or sight lines, you can always choose a French door model that features the happy marriage of wood and glass in a metal frame. Don’t forget, custom sizing ensures that every sliding barn door fits perfectly in your home, and you can choose from options for hardware (handles and locks) that complement your vintage doors and existing décor.

    Benefits of Vintage Sliding Barn Doors

    Privacy is an essential function in any home. Although you need doorways to pass from one living space to another, the addition of doors allows you the options to enhance privacy and separation of spaces as you see fit. Unfortunately, swinging doors leave a lot to be desired, since they require significant clearance to operate and they take up valuable wall and floor space when open.

    Vintage sliding barn doors offer an ideal solution. Because they hug the wall and slide to cover doorways, they need far less dedicated square footage to use, freeing up your floor and wall space for furniture or décor. Plus, you never have to deal with slamming doors in your house again, especially when you include soft close features.

    In addition to the many practical benefits associated with sliding barn doors, you’ll enjoy the vintage styling that adds personality and panache to your living spaces, whether your home is a rustic farmhouse, a mid-century marvel, or a streamlined, contemporary structure.

    A Place for Every Vintage Door

    These elegant, timeless additions to your home can go literally anywhere thanks to options like single panels that work great for bedrooms and bathrooms, bypass panels perfect for closets or pantries, and double panels to separate larger spaces like living and dining rooms.

    Measuring for Vintage Sliding Barn Doors

    Whenever you measure for doors, accuracy is of the utmost importance. However, when you measure for sliding barn doors, you need to assess both the open door frame and the wall space surrounding it so you can decide which configuration works best with available space.

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