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Sliding Mirror Barn Doors

Mirror barn doors are the multifunctional piece
that your space is missing! Whether you’re
completing a bathroom or want a space saving
closet door, our wide range of finishesmake it
easy to design the door of your dreams.

Sliding Mirror Barn Doors

Sliding Mirror Barn Doors

How many times have you strained to take in your full reflection with an over-sink mirror that only shows the top half of your body? Every house should have at least one full-length mirror that allows occupants to get a good look at their entire ensemble. While you might be hesitant to take up precious floor space with a standing mirror, you can upgrade your interior design and add needed function with attractive and efficient sliding mirror barn doors from White Shanty.

Elegant Design, Outstanding Function

The juxtaposition of warm, rustic, natural wood and sturdy industrial hardware injects sophisticated style and intense visual interest into your interior design. When you add a mirrored surface, you take the beauty and function of sliding barn doors to the next level.

Choose from a range of wood frames designed to pair seamlessly with some of our most popular door styles and stain or paint colors, including options for custom paint or stain. From there you can select hardware like handles and locks and decide if soft close features are right for your doors.

You’ll also have the opportunity to customize sizing to suit your dimensions perfectly, choosing both the width and height of panels to cover doorways and create the visual appeal you crave. With heights ranging from 72” to 107”, you could create a truly breathtaking floor-to-ceiling look that accents high ceilings in your home, for example.

Versatile and Beneficial Sliding Mirror Barn Doors

There’s no denying the convenience of having full-length mirrors in the home to check out your reflection, but sliding mirrored barn doors can also:

  • Bounce light, enhancing interior illumination
  • Create the illusion of a larger space, ideal for smaller rooms
  • Free up square footage that would otherwise be rendered unusable when providing clearance for swinging doors

Best Practices for Placement

The wonderful thing about sliding mirror barn doors is that they can literally be placed over any doorway in your home. You might naturally consider using them to cover closet openings or en suite bathroom entrances in your master bedroom, as these are the spaces you’re most likely to change clothes and require a full-length mirror.

However, they can also prove useful in other living areas in your home. Placement in smaller spaces like laundry rooms or home offices can not only camouflage unsightly storage areas (closets, shelving, etc.), but also bounce light and create the illusion of extended square footage, making these areas feel more spacious.

Even in larger, more open areas, you can add one or more sliding mirror barn doors, perhaps in combination with other sliding barn doors (wood, glass, or French doors, for example), to customize your interior design, increase illumination, and visually double the size of your space. In short, sliding mirror barn doors can elevate the appeal of every room.

Measuring for Sliding Mirror Barn Doors

Any time you’re installing new elements of décor, it’s wise to measure to make sure they’ll fit. When adding sliding barn doors to your space, you’ll need to address two important areas: the measurements of the doorway itself, and surrounding wall space. This will ensure that panels provide adequate coverage for the opening, and that you choose the right track size for available wall space.

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