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Unique Sliding Barn Doors

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    White Shanty offers the largest selection of customizable unique sliding barn doors. If you don’t see a style you like, we will build you a fully custom and unique barn door to exactly match your specifications. Our craftsmanship, dedication to detail and our quality materials is unmatched, but how do we stack up to the competition?

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    Custom design a unique style sliding barn door for your one of a kind space! Our barn doors are paired with a variety of finishes and types of glass to bring your vision to life. Continue browsing our base designs for inspiration or call an expert designer!

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      Shop our fully customizable Barn Door Styles

        Unique Sliding Barn Doors

        When compared to the typical swinging door, sliding barn doors are already a unique and different approach to sectioning off the rooms of your home as well as providing varying levels of privacy as needed. However, at White Shanty, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of unique sliding barn doors that serve a wide range of tastes, color schemes, and functional needs to truly individualize your space.

        We feature an extensive variety of materials, paneling designs, and finishes to provide the perfect sliding barn door for you. Additionally, all of our sliding barn doors are available in single door style, French style, and compact bypass sliding door style to meet your functionality needs while elevating the aesthetic of the space.

        Unleash the Interior Designer Within

        Any one of our base model sliding barn doors could make an excellent fit for your needs, but we additionally provide the option to customize wood paneling, finish, material, or any mixture of design elements to assemble your ideal sliding barn door. Get creative and collaborate with one of our designers to build the unique sliding barn door of your dreams—we have the materials and the know-how to make it happen.

        You also have the option to ship your sliding barn door unassembled, providing an opportunity for a home DIY project. Some users even forego the traditional doorway function altogether and use their barn door as a table or incorporate it into a wall decoration. The possibilities truly are endless, and the perfect sliding barn door for any purpose is just a click away.

        Love the sliding barn door look but want to incorporate it into your space on a smaller scale? Sliding barn doors can also make great coverings for cabinets and cupboards as long as you have the necessary sliding space. Every unique sliding barn door we offer is available in any size to accurately fit its intended function in your home.

        Elevate your Sliding Barn Door with Custom Finishes, Paints, and More

        Although we boast several uniquely designed sliding barn doors, the right finish or paint color may be what sets your door apart. We feature several elegant options for wood finish and paint, including:

        • Dark walnut stain
        • Clear coat
        • Unfinished stain grade
        • White paint
        • Black paint
        • Custom stain or paint
        • and more

        Whatever your vision, we’re here to help it come to life with the perfect customizations. We also offer several high-quality metal frame finishes, including:

        • Raw steel
        • Oil rubbed bronze
        • Aged steel
        • Black or white
        • Or a custom finish

        If your ideal sliding barn door incorporates one or more panes of glass, you can also choose between tempered and frosted glass to create the perfect level of opaqueness. Other seemingly small details, such as the choice to install handles on your sliding barn door or not, also make a big difference in aesthetic as well as functionality.

        Our designers are well-trained and experienced in the design and installation of sliding barn doors, and we look forward to fitting your space with a sliding barn door that’s just right.


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