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Sliding Wood Barn Doors

White Shanty’s handcrafted wood barn doors
are perfect for any space. Whether you’re looking
for a timeless piece or one with rustic charm, our
engineered wood doors are built to meet your project’s
exact specifications.

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  • Sliding Wood Barn Doors

    There’s no better way to create a warm and inviting home interior than with the addition of beautiful, natural wood, and one of the easiest ways to add wood to your décor is with sliding wood barn doors from White Shanty. The timeless appeal of wood is on prominent display with these eye-catching doors, hung from bold, industrial, overhead tracks, but you’ll also enjoy space-saving benefits and incredible function and efficiency when you choose sliding wood barn doors.

    The Perfect Marriage of Convenience and Style

    Charming, rustic barn doors are no longer solely restricted to the realm of barns. With the many attractive and practical options available from White Shanty, you can bring the timeless appeal of wood and the contemporary pairing of rustic and industrial elements into any home, from traditional architectural styles to sleek, modern dwellings.There are so many styles to explore, including:

    • Warm, rustic wood
    • Weathered, reclaimed wood
    • Wood framed panels with chalkboard, white board, glass, mirrored, and other surfaces
    • Patterned wood styles like chevron, diamond, circle, and more

    You can also choose from various paints and stains, including custom options, add hardware like door handles and locks, and of course, select the custom sizing that perfectly suits your practical needs and personal preferences for width and height of panels. When you add sliding wood barn doors to your space, you’ll not only upgrade your interior aesthetic, but efficiently improve privacy control without taking away from usable space.

    Benefits of Sliding Wood Barn Doors

    In addition to elevating your overall interior design, sliding wood barn doors deliver a slew of benefits for modern homeowners. First and foremost, they take up very little space. Unlike typical swinging doors, sliding barn doors require almost no clearance, and they don’t narrow the opening of doorways, making it easier to move through and take advantage of space near doorways to place furniture or décor.

    The right styles and features can also increase function of your space immeasurably. A mirrored door over a closet or en suite means you can get rid of the standing mirror taking up floor space in your bedroom. Magnetic chalkboard and white board options provide ample space for messages, children’s artwork, and items that might otherwise clutter counters or fall off fridge doors every time you open and close them.

    Perfect for Any Room

    Whether you want single panels to cover a pantry or add privacy to bedrooms, you need bypass panels to account for minimal wall space near closets or bathroom entries, or you plan to use double panels to create a barrier over larger transitions between common spaces like living and dining rooms, you’ll find that sliding wood barn doors are the perfect addition to any room where you crave practical and aesthetic upgrades.

    Measuring for Sliding Wood Barn Doors

    Accurate measurements are a must when you install any new elements of décor in your home, particularly doors. However, measurements for sliding barn doors are a little different from your typical, swinging door. You not only have to measure the dimensions of the door frame, but also surrounding wall area to ensure that you have plenty of room to install your track of choice and slide panels aside to reveal the opening.

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