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Antique Sliding Barn Doors

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    White Shanty offers the largest selection of customizable antique style sliding barn doors. If you don’t see a style you like, we will build you a fully custom antique barn door to exactly match your specifications. Our craftsmanship, dedication to detail and our quality materials is unmatched, but how do we stack up to the competition?

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    Custom design an antique sliding barn door! Our antique barn doors are paired with a variety of finishes and types of glass to bring your vision to life. Continue browsing our base designs for inspiration or call an expert designer!

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        Antique Style Barn Doors

        Whether you’re looking to add a touch of old-world charm to your home interior with a rustic wood sliding barn door, or you want the classic appeal and light flow offered by French doors, you’ll find the look you love when you choose from the selection of antique sliding barn doors offered by White Shanty.

        Timeless Appeal for Any Home

        You might not think antique sliding barn doors are right for your home, especially if your architecture and décor are modern. However, this is an outdated way of thinking when it comes to design. These days, you can mix and match eras and styles if you have an editorial eye. In other words, clever juxtaposition can add visual interest, whereas you’ll want to avoid a complete mishmash with no unifying factors.

        In terms of antique sliding barn doors, you’ll enjoy several unique and attractive features. For starters, antique doesn’t necessarily mean shabby chic. At White Shanty, you’ll not only find antique options from different eras and design styles, but you’ll enjoy a range of materials, colors, and configurations to choose from, such as:

        • Painted or stained wood
        • Custom paints and stains
        • Reclaimed wood
        • Metal frames (in a variety of finishes, including custom)
        • French doors
        • Half French doors
        • and more

        You can choose single or multi-panel options, including bypass or double sliding barn doors, depending on the look you want and available space. Once you’ve selected your preferred style and number of doors, you’ll enjoy custom sizing and the option to add hardware like handles and locks. There’s even a soft close option.

        Benefits of Antique Sliding Barn Doors

        Sliding barn doors, in general, offer a slew of benefits for homeowners. First and foremost, they save a ton of space over more common, swinging doors, which require a lot of clearance, and then take up wall space where you might otherwise place furniture or décor. With sliding barn doors that hug the wall, you can make the best use of available square footage, even in smaller homes.

        Antique sliding barn doors, in particular, add a lot of panache to your living spaces, with the perfect blend of rustic and industrial elements. Whether you’re living in an actual farm house or a sleek, contemporary home, antique sliding barn doors can add an unexpected element that catches the eye and complements any décor.

        Style Points for Placement

        The wonderful thing about antique sliding barn doors is that you can place them anywhere in your home to add outstanding function and timeless style. Use single doors to cover small openings like entrances to bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and more, bypass sliding barn doors for small wall spaces, and double sliding barn doors for larger entrances between living rooms and dining rooms, for example.

        Measuring for Your Antique Sliding Barn Doors

        Taking doorway measurements requires precision, whether you’re hanging swinging doors or covering the space with a sliding barn door. However, when you add antique sliding barn doors, you also need to measure available wall space around the door (above and to the sides) so you know exactly how much space you have to play with when choosing the size and configuration of doors.

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