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Sliding Laundry Room Barn Doors

The perfect laundry room enclosure


Handcrafted Sliding Barn Doors 

Sliding Barn Doors for Laundry Rooms

Custom-made barn doors and hardware designed for every style, space and budget.

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A full blown laundry room or a small closet that houses your washer and dryer, your laundry room can easily be dressed up with a barn door. Allowing for extra space in just about any room, laundry room barn doors can conceal the washer and dryer with style. We know doing laundry isn’t the most fun, but with a gorgeous set of barn doors to open up we guarantee it won’t be too bad.

From our mirrored solid wood to our French frosted glass doors we have multiple options to choose from to transform your laundry room. Anything from a single door for a stacked washer dryer combination to a bypass for side by side, our barn doors are fully customizable. Easy installation makes this a quick and fun laundry room diy project. Check out all the available options, and create your dream laundry room.

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