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Elegant-Fancy Barn Doors

Add style to your space with elegant barn doors. Whether
you're looking for a traditional wood door or a chic metal
and glass design, White Shanty has the right door for you.
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  • Fancy Sliding Barn Doors

    A door’s primary function is to separate two areas within a building, but it has the potential to do so much more than that. A door can set the tone for the entire room or storage area; it can also add or detract from the aesthetics of a room depending on its color, finish, and incorporated materials. When designing the interior of your home, it is important to consider doors as more than just the entrances and exits between rooms—they are just as much a part of the room as the other furnishings.

    If you’re looking to elevate the quality and decorative potential of your doors, our selection of elegant and fancy sliding barn doors is just what you need to get started. This particular selection includes one of the widest varieties of style and material, seeing as the door you choose could function in several different ways when it comes to the overall design of the space.

    From Traditional and Timeless to Unique and Updated

    Many of those looking to install a sliding barn door are after the classic, rustic look to match the rest of their décor. However, traditional wooden barn doors can also provide an interesting respite from an otherwise elegant and upscale furnishing style.

    When installed with the right paneling, color, and finish, the rustic, Americana look and feel of a wooden sliding barn door can accentuate the ambiance of an otherwise luxurious room by comparison. Additionally, a wooden sliding barn door can ensure that feeling of “home,” or a sense of safety and comfort, that sparse or elegant décor can sometimes lack.

    If an entirely wooden door feels a bit too solid for the space in question, however, there are many options for mixed material doors with wooden frames including:

    • Three panel glass
    • Single pane glass
    • 2 panel square pane
    • 2 wood panel
    • and many more

    There are additionally many sliding glass panel barn doors that are entirely framed with metal, which work especially well in outdoor spaces as you won’t have to worry about outdoor elemental damage to wood. Additionally, any sliding barn door is also available in sliding French door style.

    In the more chic and minimalist home, a classic-looking wooden sliding barn door might look out of place. If your furnishing tastes lean farther toward the modern side, we have several options for the non-conventional sliding barn door, including:

    • Santa Monica Sliding Barn Door—Featuring a light circle design, this door can be customized with the right finish to perfectly suit your space.
    • Minimalist X Sliding Barn Door—This door wonderfully suits a minimalist furnishing style while giving a nod to the traditional X paneling on the classic barn door.
    • Scandinavian Sliding Barn Door—Designed to mimic the diamond pattern of a traditional metal gate, this door is a classy, minimalistic addition to any space.

    Whatever decorative function you desire from your sliding barn door, all of your White Shanty sliding barn door options have the potential to meet squarely at the intersection of personal style, true functionality, and serving the space.

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