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Sliding Glass Barn Door

Our glass barn doors are the perfect accent for any
space in your home. Choose from unique glass styles
and frame materials to create a one of a kind piece!
Get inspiration from our our standard products below
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Sliding Glass Barn Door

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  • Glass panel sliding barn doors: a classic yet modernized way to bring light into your space

    Slliding glass barn doors are a tasteful touch to all kinds of rooms in a home, and often allow spaces more natural light than they could receive through windows or skylights alone. A sliding glass barn door is a tasteful option for those looking for the modern, minimalist glass door look with a rustic Americana feel.

    One major plus for the sliding glass barn door is that it can seamlessly fit the décor of most any room in your home. While a solid wood or metal barn door might make an exciting centerpiece, the glass barn door can blend in with a multitude of different furnishing styles while simultaneously adding a classy and functional touch to the space. Additionally, frosted glass barn doors are available to add privacy to any room. Our collection at White Shanty includes many different options for pane placement, pane color, and style.

    Where will a sliding glass barn door fit best in my home?

    Sliding Glass Barn Doors For Bathroom

    A sliding glass barn door is a great option for your bathroom entrance or shower/bathtub door. Frosted glass barn doors are especially popular for their ability to allow light to pass through, but still provide adequate privacy. Make sure to browse our sliding bathroom barn doors for more bathroom-specific designs and information.


    Whether your kitchen actually has an entrance door or not, there are plenty of doorways within a kitchen, both big and small. A sliding glass barn door can make an excellent kitchen door as well as a pantry door (the lack of swinging out can be a huge help for pantry space) or even cabinet doors. That’s right, sliding barn doors can come in any size depending on your needs! Additionally, we feature frosted glass as well as transparent, so you can choose the level of visibility you prefer.

    Remember:Any sliding barn door can also be installed in biparting door style (two adjoining doors instead of one). We recommend this for sliding glass barn doors especially; it pays homage to the classic French door style as well as being generally safer and leading to less accidents than a singular glass door.

    Sliding glass barn doors are great for their versatility in style as well as their opportunity for natural light exposure. Whatever your needs and desires may be for the perfect sliding glass barn door, we can help you realize your vision. Contact us to schedule a consultation—we’ll set you up with one of our well-trained and experienced designers to create and install the perfect barn door for your home.

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