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Basement Sliding Barn Doors

Close of your basement with a sliding barn door! Whether you're
putting it at the top of the stairs or to close off a storage area, a
barn style door is the perfect solution to save space and complete the room.

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  • Sliding Barn Doors in Basements

    Basements often provide the bonus space that ensures your family isn’t always bunched up in one area of the home, like the kitchen or living room. Many basements feature additional bedrooms, as well as a bathroom and laundry room, while some offer wide-open spaces ideal for game rooms, home theaters, or play space for children. Regardless of the configuration of your basement area, you’ll find that sliding barn doors offer an ideal means of breaking up your space and adding a level of separation that makes your basement more functional and attractive.

    Enhance Your Basement with Sliding Barn Doors

    Sliding basement barn doors can serve all kinds of purposes, from providing privacy for bedrooms and bathrooms, to hiding laundry or storage, to creating separation between adult lounge areas and play space for children. You’ll find that there’s no end to the options for creating functional barriers that add incredible, statement style to your décor.

    For starters, you can choose from a variety of materials, some of which add even greater function than simply providing a barrier between rooms. Consider options like:

    • Painted or stained wood (including custom paint and stain options)
    • Rustic wood
    • Glass panels (French doors or half French doors)
    • Mirrored panels
    • Magnetic chalk board or white board
    • Corkboard
    • and more

    Whether you need one door or several to separate spaces, you can choose all the same panel types, or mix and match to fulfill every need and preference. Each panel is custom sized to fit your space (up to heights of 107” and widths of 59”), you can choose from single or multi-panel coverings, including bypass and double sliding panel configurations, and finally, you’ll add hardware like handles and locks that perfectly suit your practical and aesthetic preferences.

    Benefits of Sliding Basement Barn Doors

    Some basements have swinging doors in place, while others have no doors at all. In both cases, sliding basement barn doors can add function and visual appeal. If your basement is already built out with bedrooms, a bathroom, and so on, it’s easy to use sliding doors in place of swinging doors, but why would you?

    Options for Optimal Placement

    It’s easy to see the benefit of using sliding barn doors to cover closets/storage, your laundry area, and bedrooms and bathrooms, gaining optimal function and saving space in the basement. However, you can also use these attractive barriers to break up larger, more open basements. You just have to choose the number and size of panels to meet your needs.

    Measuring for Sliding Basement Barn Doors

    Any time you replace doors, you know you must accurately measure the frame. When you install sliding barn doors, however, you also need to measure the wall space surrounding the doorway to ensure that you have enough room for the track that supports your door configuration of choice.

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