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    White Shanty offers the largest selection of customizable rustic sliding barn doors. If you don’t see a style you like, we will build you a fully custom rustic-style barn door to exactly match your specifications. Our craftsmanship, dedication to detail and our quality materials is unmatched, but how do we stack up to the competition?

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    Custom design a rustic sliding barn door! Our barn doors are paired with a variety of finishes and types of glass to bring your vision to life. Continue browsing our base designs for inspiration or call an expert designer!

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        Rustic sliding barn doors: a unique yet classic addition to any home

        Rustic sliding barn doors come in many different colors and distinct designs, making up one of the most varied categories of barn doors. Even within our collection here at White Shanty, there are so many unique rustic sliding barn doors to choose from, boasting a wide array of wood types, finishes, and door styles.

        If you have been toying with the idea of adding a barn door to your home decor but aren’t sure quite where to start, look no further than our vast selection of rustic sliding barn doors. Since there is so much room for variety in a rustic barn door, you are sure to find the perfect match for your taste and home furnishing style.

        A rustic sliding barn door is truly versatile and can be used anywhere a door is used (or to separate two sections of a larger space, typically a split level, while keeping the feel of an open floor plan). However, here are our suggestions for some particular spots where this door could really shine:

        Between the master bedroom/bathroom

        Your bedroom is your safe space, the spot in your house that is most dedicated to relaxation and comfort. Rustic barn doors provide a pervading sense of warmth and safety to your bedroom, while contributing their classic Americana style to the décor of your space.

        Pantry door

        Depending on the architecture of your space, a rustic sliding barn door in place of a traditional pantry door (or lack thereof) could be the new centerpiece of your kitchen. Our wide selection of unique rustic barn doors makes picking the perfect color, style, and size an easy and enjoyable task.


        A sliding bathroom barn door made up almost entirely of a mirror is a great way to get a full-body mirror into your bathroom without having to take up any extra space. They also look great and function perfectly well as entrance doors to your bathroom or any inner doors you may need—you just pick which side of the door you would like the mirror on. (If the sliding barn door leads from a master bedroom to a master bath, you could even choose to have mirrors on both sides.)

        Separating parts of a multifunctional room

        You may have a room or rooms in your home that aren’t so easily defined by common labels, or serve multiple functions for your family. A rustic sliding barn door can be the perfect divider to separate different sections of a room (i.e. separating a guest sleeping area from the greater living or family room) or even a tasteful cover for electronic devices (i.e. closing off the nook that holds the television or stereo). Barn doors can come in multiple sizes, making them a classically eclectic option for separating a room or even covering up storage space.

        How do I know if a barn door is the right fit for my home?

        Barn doors, particularly in the more rustic style, add a unique sense of warmth and stability to the space they inhabit. Additionally, a sliding barn door can help your home feel even bigger and more expansive than a traditional door.

        If your taste in home décor falls into the more modern category, we have a number of more updated styles to choose from. Whatever style you are drawn most to, contact us to set up a consultation so we can measure your space and get you on your way to the perfect barn door for you.

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