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Two Wood Panel French Barn Door In Botanical wall papered room with makeup
Two Wood Panel French barn Door in Industrial Designed Restaurant for privacy and social distancing
metal wood and glass window panels barn door
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Add a traditional touch to your French barn door with the Two Wood Panel French Barn Door. Finish the wood panels at the top and bottom of the door to match your space.

  • Wood Finish Shown is Minwax Weathered Oak 270
  • 100% Customizable to Your Specifications & Style
  • Handcrafted in Collegeville, Pennsylvania
  • Speak to an Expert Designer to Get the Best Door for Your Budget 801-362-6860

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Base Specifications

Door Height:

84 Inches

Track Hardware:

Black Straight Top Mount - $100.00

Door Width:

36 Inches

Front Handle Style:

Door Sides:

Soft Close:

Soft Close System (Black) - $50.00

Door Finish:

Unfinished Stain Grade - $0.00

Exclusive White Shanty Design: Limited Edition Exclusive White Shanty Design: Limited Edition

Two Wood Panel French Sliding Barn Door


312 Sold

Our expert Door Designers bring a wealth of knowledge in terms of sizing, materials, finishes, and styles, ensuring that your door aligns with your aesthetic vision and practical needs. They can also provide insights into hardware selection, installation requirements, and how to make the most of your unique space.

Door Customization Options Available:

  • Door Height & Width
  • Door Finish: Stains & Paints
  • Hardware: Variety of Tracks & Handles
  • Accessories: Soft Close, Locks & More!

Our Doors vs. Home Improvement Store Doors


What you get

Consultation & Expert Guidance

With White Shanty:
  • Peace-of-mind that the door is correctly sized for your space, preventing issues such as gaps or door frames that are not properly covered.
  • Our Door Designers ensure that your barn door investment meets your expectations in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and long-term value.
Home Improvement Stores:
  • The lack of expertise can lead to errors in measurements, resulting in a door that doesn’t fit or operate as intended.
  • Without expert guidance, you may choose hardware that is incompatible or of low quality.

What you get

Personalized Sizes & Non-Standard Capabilities

With White Shanty:
  • A unique door that will fit specific dimensions, accommodate unconventional spaces, and achieve a custom look that properly covers your opening.
  • Capabilities to build doors in any inch increment size your space and opening may require.
Home Improvement Stores:
  • No flexibility and a door that may or may not fit your space or properly cover your opening.
  • Compromised visual appeal and door practicality when your space doesn’t conform to their predefined dimensions.

What you get

Hand Selected Raw Materials

With White Shanty:
  • Meticulous inspection, ensuring that only high-quality materials free of defects, blemishes, or irregularities are chosen.
  • More attractive natural material characteristics, such as rich grain patterns, vibrant colors, and unique textures.
Home Improvement Stores:
  • Low quality composite materials and unknown wood species.
  • Mass production in large international factories with little quality controls.

What you get

Fastest Custom Door Build Time

With White Shanty:
  • With our industry-leading lead times, you can transform your space with a stunning custom sliding barn door faster than ever before, ensuring swift and hassle-free installation.
  • Our doors arrive fully assembled, eliminating the need for you to navigate the headaches and complexities of assembly.
Home Improvement Stores:
  • Ship unassembled doors in small boxes that will expose the door to higher chances of dents, scratches, or missing parts.
  • Hardware store doors will require self-assembly of low quality materials, potentially leading to errors, frustration, and added time and effort on your part.

Let’s customize your door!

Expert White Shanty designers will guide you through design options, style suggestions, paint, specs, floor plans, and more! It’s always FREE!

Meet the Craftsmen

The Master Door Builders Who Bring Your Vision to Life

Master Woodworkers

Responsible for hand-selecting the finest raw materials for your door.

Our process begins with a careful selection of the finest raw materials, ensuring that nothing is fabricated in advance – each element is cut to order. Every piece is meticulously hand-selected, cut, and shaped by the skilled hands of our Master Woodworkers, individuals with a highly trained eye and years of experience. They possess a singular goal: to curate only the finest materials that will construct a barn door destined to last a lifetime.

Master Door Builders

Responsible for cutting, shaping, and assembling the door components, ensuring a perfect fit and a visually captivating design.

Our Master Door Builders guide each door by hand through a meticulous process, ensuring every joint and seam is perfectly square and impeccably even. The result is not just a barn door; it’s a masterpiece of solidity and precision. Our Master Door Builders are true experts, well-versed in working with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, mirrors, and reclaimed wood. When you choose our doors, you’re choosing the craftsmanship of masters who transform raw materials into stunning, enduring works of art.

Hand-Touched Door Finishing Department

Responsible for ensuring that your selected finish is applied evenly across your entire door. They meticulously hand-sand every door to prevent streaks, blotches and uneven coloring.

From hand-selecting the finest stains and paints to the meticulous process of hand-sanding and proper preparation, our artisans bring out the innate beauty of each door. In our dedicated Finish Department, our skilled craftsmen painstakingly hand-sand and finish your door, turning it into a masterpiece that not only complements your space but also withstands the test of time.

Door Crating and Shipping Team

Responsible for hand-building a custom crate unique to your door size so that we can ensure your door will be protected in route to your home.

We recognize that this is no small investment so we need to ensure that it is protected on the way to you. Our custom crates ensure that the door is shielded from potential damage during transportation. It minimizes the risk of scratches, dents, or other surface imperfections that can occur during handling and shipping. Our crating also helps preserve the door’s finish and appearance. It prevents the finish from getting scuffed during transit, ensuring that the door arrives in pristine condition.

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