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Pantry Sliding Barn Doors

Pantry barn doors are a great way to update your kitchen!
This simple addition can save you space and bring a new
style to your space. Whether you want a modern glass
door or a classic wood barn door, we have the design for you!

Pantry Sliding Barn Doors

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  • The Practical Charm of a Sliding Barn Door

    In today’s kitchens, the benefit of a pantry door that slides instead of swings cannot be overstated. A sliding door opens wide for easy access, yet eliminates conflicts with dining furniture or other kitchen necessities. Your kitchen layout and traffic pattern are simplified, especially in the compact kitchen spaces typical of urban apartments.

    An Abundance of Styles to Choose From

    The look of a sliding pantry door from White Shanty can range from honestly rustic to truly elegant. Your choice depends on your personality and the personality of your space. We offer lots of creative options in a variety of configurations and finishes to give you maximum design flexibility:

    • Panel. Many of our panel doors are the simplest in appearance, with attractive, low-key wood designs. But other styles offer a bonus: a communication center and play space for the kids! Chalkboard, whiteboard, corkboard and magnetic surfaces provide the perfect place to post family reminders, and also give young ones a place to write, draw, or practice their spelling.
    • Glass. These designs are available with full-panel, half-panel or multi-pane glass. Outfitted with either stained or painted frames, the element of transparency in our glass doors can add an impression of spaciousness in a room. And as pantry doors, these designs offer the practical benefit of being able to see what’s in the pantry before you open it.
    • Wood. From simple slab designs to the visual interest of chevron, herringbone and Shaker patterns, our wood category emphasizes the substantial beauty of wood grain. Plain or fancy, a wood door brings warmth and a sense of history to your room.
    • Reclaimed wood. The nostalgia of a rustic barn on a farmstead is captured in these doors. Weathered wood, touched with varied traces of barn paint and stain, create your choice of predominantly brown or gray tones. Horizontal, vertical, zig-zag and other patterns lend additional charm and a bit of whimsy to these reclaimed wood designs.

    Things to Consider When Purchasing

    When you select a White Shanty door, think seriously about where you want to place it in your living space. Some designs can work nicely in or near the more formal areas of your home. Others have a more casual appearance suitable for areas that host the bustle of family life.

    Also, keep in mind that sliding barn doors behave differently from regular doors. In order to be sure you have the space for the door you want before you order, you’ll need to measure:

    • Doorway width
    • Wall space to the side of doorway (for door to travel)
    • Vertical space above the door (for placement of track)

    Many regrets have been avoided by adequately measuring and visualizing the space required before ordering a door. Consult one of our installation guides to better understand what’s required.

    Once you’ve installed a White Shanty sliding barn door in your kitchen, we know you’ll appreciate the space savings and convenience, and the ability to install a sliding door without opening up your wall.

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