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Design Questions:

What are the finishing options for your doors?

All of the doors we sell here at White Shanty come with a variety of finishing options. Our doors can be left in the completely natural state, painted a color of your choosing, or stained with a stain of your choosing. For those who love to DIY we highly recommend ordering your door either paint or stain grade. This allows for the freedom to select any paint, stain or finish you want for your new barn door. We offer a variety of finishing options to ensure that you can accomplish the barn door of your dreams.

Each finish possesses many benefits to your barn door. When you decide on a paint for your new barn door, it provides a clean and modern look. With a stain on your barn door, it enhances the texture and grain of the door. Additionally, stains bring out the natural tones, grains and beauty of the wood. Our clear coating option adds a sheen to the natural wood doors, perfect to show off the natural beauty of the wood barn door. Custom paint colors will be color matched and create the barn door you’ve always envisioned.

Can I get a custom designed door?

Here at White Shanty we strive to produce a door that fits your needs and space. We are capable of crafting fully custom barn doors, you dream it - we create it. Contact one of our designers today to get started on your own custom barn door. Choose from one of our standard doors and then begin to make changes that align with what you want in a door.

From board and batten to solid wood we offer a number of different doors. All of our doors are crafted with engineered wood to avoid any warping, ensuring longevity of the door. We take pride in working with you and your specifications to craft the perfect barn door for your space. White Shanty, the one stop shop for handcrafted, high quality barn doors.

What colors can I get my door painted in?

We have a number of standard colors we can paint your door. However, we can also match any color you may choose. For any additional questions about exact colors reach out to our design team. Our in house paint colors for barn doors are Benjamin Moore Extra White (BM7006) and Tricom Black (BM6258).

What different stains are available?

We use the Minwax Oil-Based Wood Finish family of stains for all of the doors we stain. The Minwax stains we use offers a variety of colors and finishes. Some of the most popular stains we utilize for our barn doors are, True Black 274, Jacobean 2750, and Espresso 273. For a full list of stains and swatches reach out to the design team and we will happily provide that for you! Learn more about our finish options in our Barn Door Design Guide.

Hardware Questions:

How do I know what hardware is needed for my door?

Hardware selection is determined by both function and style. Most of the hardware we produce will work with every door, but there are some limitations. Our team of skilled designers can answer any questions you may have about your hardware selection.

Our hardware is rated for use with barn doors up to 190lbs and between 1.5”-2” door thickness. We offer a variety of styles and finishes to choose from to complete your White Shanty barn door. Bypass, or bi parting as well as standard hardware is available for any of the barn doors we sell. Our designers can aid in picking the perfect hardware for your custom barn door, reach out today.

Who can help me with matching my hardware to match my door?

Our design team know our products best and have helped many people find the perfect match. We offer an expert opinion and ensure that all of your questions are answered. We will work with you to see all of the potential hardware and barn door pairings.

Picking the perfect hardware for your custom barn door can be a tough decision, but we make it fun. A quick call to any of our designers will put your mind at ease. We will do our best to find the perfect hardware for your White Shanty barn door.

What if my door is larger than a standard size?

Certain types of hardware work better for our larger, heavier doors. Our hardware is rated for use with barn doors up to 190lbs and between 1.5”-2” door. The experts on our design team can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your new barn door and the best hardware for it. Choose from a variety of finishes and style to match your needs and decor. For additional questions about functionality or style of your barn door hardware reach out to our design team.

Can I get a matching handle to the hardware?

Yes! All of hardware has matching handles to go with it, or if you are feeling adventurous you can mix and match. We have matching styles for each type of hardware, from bypass to bi-parting. Our tracks can match the handles seamlessly. Just like all of our barn door hardware, our handles are handcrafted and finished in house to meet your specifications and needs. We can accommodate custom finishes, with some limitations. Any questions you may have about finishes or even designs can be directed to our expert design team. Contact us today and get started on your custom barn door.

Color Questions:

Can I customize my own color for my door?

You can choose from the colors we have ready to paint or you can send us a sample to color match! With custom colors for your barn door, we ask that you provide the manufacturer’s color code as well as the name and brand of the paint.

In addition to paint, you can also customize your barn door with stain. In our shop we utilize Minwax wood stain, with Dark Walnut (2716) as our default stain color. If you would like a particular stain, we will happily work with you to accomplish the perfect barn door. Our design team are experts that can assist in stain color matching. Reach out to us today to get started on your custom barn door project.

Can I paint / stain my own door?

Yes, we sell our doors raw or paint grade and stain grade. We suggest a stain grade door for any staining you may want to do. Additionally , same goes for paint grade. Our doors can be primed for paint, however they are not fully prepped for paint. Primed doors do require a bit more work, but they are perfect for a DIY project. Any questions you may have about staining or painting your own barn door, reach out to our expert design team today.

How long will the stain of my door hold up?

We take pride in all of the products that leave our shop daily. That being said all of our stained doors are finished with a clear coat to ensure the longevity of the product. You can select to get your stained door without the clear coat, however this could cause the door to be more susceptible to wear and tear. All of our doors are handcrafted with high quality materials and stains. For any questions you may have feel free to reach out to our team of experts.

Measuring Questions:

What dimensions do I need to measure for my door?

You will need the dimensions of the opening for your door and the distance from the top of the opening to the ceiling to ensure the appropriate hardware is chosen. Additionally, you need to know how much room you have on each side of the opening to ensure that your door can open in the direction you choose. Measuring properly for your barn door, especially those that are custom is important for the quality of the finished product. Whatever questions you may have about measuring, reach out to our expert design team for help.

How do I measure?

Generally your door should be four inches wider than the opening to determine proper fit and function. Our rule of thumb is two to four inches wider than the opening and one to two inches taller than the opening, this includes any trim or casing. Our design team can walk you through the measuring process. We are always a call away and very happy to help at any point throughout your barn door buying process.

Can someone walk me through the measuring process?

Absolutely! You can reach our design team between these times to be walked through the measuring process and any other questions you may have. We want to ensure that your measurements are correct and get you the right door for your space. You can also find more information on measuring within our frequently ask questions page. Reach out to us today to get started on measuring for your new barn door.

Installing Questions:

How hard is it to install my door?

Installing a door requires two people and can be installed by individuals with a reasonable knowledge of tools and handyman skills. Our hardware and doors can be installed in about two hours. During the process any questions throughout the installation can be directed to our design team. Additionally, you can work with a local handyman or contractor to get your door installed. Whichever you prefer ,we are here to ensure that your door is perfect from ordering to installation. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Can I install the door on my own?

Yes, we provide installation instructions with your door order. We do suggest that at least two or more people aid in the installation process, as doors can be heavy to maneuver and hang. All of our hardware and doors can be installed by individuals with knowledge of tools and handyman skills. If you prefer, you can work with a local handyman or even contractor to install your barn door. As always, our team is available for support and can be reached with any questions you may have. We strive to ensure the quality of our products from start to finish.

Ordering Questions:

Can I complete my entire order online?

Yes, all of our doors and hardware can be completed online! However, for more specific requests we ask you reach out to our design team. This ensures you can get exactly what you're looking for down to the exact color scheme. Our online barn door ordering process is simple and easy to navigate. We do encourage our customers to work with a design team for more complicated orders.

Not only can you order your door online, all of our barn door hardware is available for online ordering as well. You can select the exact hardware you need as well as the finish and style that matches your space best. If you have any specific questions before placing your online order, you can reach out to our design team. We are dedicated to ensuring your barn door and hardware is exactly what you need.

Do I need to have separate orders for multiple doors?

Not at all! You can place an order for multiple doors and hardware. If you are unsure if ordering online is best for you, you can reach out to the design team and they will gladly walk you through the ordering process. We like to make it as easy as possible when designing and ordering your door and hardware for your space. For orders with multiple different custom doors and hardware we suggest working with the design team for a flawless order process from design to installation.

Can I order just a door with no hardware?

Yes, you can. But we advise that you order the same quality hardware with your new White Shanty door, so you know it will support your door. We cannot guarantee the hardware you purchase from a third party will be compatible or even support your new White Shanty barn door. For any questions please reach out to the design team.

Will someone be assigned to me throughout the ordering process? 

If you choose to order through our design team, then yes. The design team member you order through will accompany you through the entire process. However, even if you order online you can still get the support of a designer at any point during your process. We recommend that you utilize a design team member for all custom orders and even any standard. Working with our design teams ensures a flawless process from designing your barn doors to installation. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to get started on your White Shanty barn door.

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