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Modern Sliding Barn Doors

Update your space with a modern sliding barn door.
Pair unique patterns and designs with our wide range
of finishes to create a chic door for your space. Choose
from our best sellers below or call to start your custom design!

Modern Sliding Barn Doors

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  • Modern Sliding Barn Doors

    Your home may be your castle, but that doesn’t mean you want it to look antiquated. With fresh, modern interior design features, you have the best chance to create functional and attractive living spaces that meet the demands of your busy lifestyle, while representing your personal style. Whether you want a cozy interior for your own enjoyment, or a sleek, streamlined design that impresses family and friends, modern barn doors from White Shanty can help you to showcase your chic sensibilities with just the right materials and features.

    Modern Design to Suit Your Home and Personal Style

    There are practically endless options for styling when you choose modern sliding barn doors from White Shanty, whether your structure skews traditional or your personal preferences favor contemporary design. There are even options for homeowners seeking dramatic flair with unique styling.

    If you want to bring in the beauty and warmth of nature, you can’t go wrong with solid wood in a variety of attractive designs, from the simple, rustic appeal of our Charleston style, to the outstanding visual texture of our Reclaimed Wood offering, to the precision patterning of our Modern Arrow design. You can choose from finishes like:

    • Unfinished paint or stain
    • Primed
    • Clear Coat
    • Weathered Paint
    • Half-panel French doors
    • Custom Paint or stain
    • and more

    Our modern sliding barn door selection also includes:

    In addition, you’ll find options for popular patterns and designs like:

    Don’t forget, you always enjoy the opportunity to choose features like door hardware, including handles and locks, and select custom sizing that perfectly fits your layout and design style.

    Benefits of Modern Sliding Barn Doors

    Modern sliding doors can not only save space, but upgrade the look of every room in your home, while allowing you to infuse your personal panache into your living spaces. By replacing doors that swing open with those that slide, you’ll make more efficient use of your space and highlight otherwise forgettable architectural features.

    Whether you’re working with compact closet or bathroom entries, or you’re trying to separate larger rooms in an open layout, you can find the door designs and configurations (single, bypass, or double sliding barn doors) that perfectly fit your available space and provide a utilitarian way to increase separation and privacy, while allowing you control over lighting and sightlines, when you choose panels like French doors that include windows, for example.

    The Perfect Complement to Any Entry

    Transitioning from one living space to the next doesn’t have to revolve solely around the negative space that facilitates passage. With modern sliding barn doors, you can accentuate an otherwise forgettable feature and update the look of every room in your home.

    Smaller spaces will benefit from single or bypass sliding barn doors that require less wall space to function, while expanses of wall flanking larger openings, like between a living room and dining space, can serve to separate rooms or open completely to preserve an open flow.

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