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Can Sliding Barn Doors Be Soundproof?

Can Sliding Barn Doors Be Soundproof?

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A key consideration when buying a sliding barn door is soundproofing. A sliding barn door will be inherently less soundproofed than a traditional door because of the gaps between the door and the wall. However, it is possible to limit the amount of sound that passes by purchasing a quality door and installing it correctly. Bathroom, bedroom and office doors are prime candidates for focusing on soundproofing.

The Right Size Barn Door

The first step to soundproofing a sliding barn door is purchasing a door of the correct size. Sizing and measuring the barn door is critical to a proper fit, and a proper fit will limit the amount of sound that passes from room to room. We recommend a door width that is 2-4” wider than the door opening. This extra width provides extra coverage and gives more privacy by eliminating sight lines and reducing the amount of sound that passes by the door.

The gap from the floor to the bottom of the door should be ½”, but make sure that there is enough clearance for the door to close. On older homes, which may have uneven floors, you may need to increase the gap.

sliding barn door bathroom soundproofing


A quality barn door is equally important to increase soundproofing. Low quality doors are thinner and sometimes have a hollow core, which increases the amount of sound that can pass. It can also amplify sound that bounces off it. Higher quality doors will be made from quality materials that are thicker and block sound better.

White Shanty offers premium, high quality doors in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, glass and more.

Proper Installation

Correct barn door installation is critical for a functional door and soundproofing. It’s important to make sure the track is correctly positioned and installed so that the door stays as close to the wall as possible without making contact. Similarly, a door that is mounted too high can leave an excess gap at the bottom. While you can install a barn door yourself, hiring a qualified professional is also a possibility.

Quality Hardware

Quality hardware is also important for barn door soundproofing. First, better quality hardware limits the amount of movement the door has, and ensures the door will stay straight on the track. This ensures a consistent gap between the door and the wall. Additionally, quality hardware will last longer and be quieter. When you’re trying to soundproof a barn door, the last thing you need is for the door itself to make noise when you open or close it.

Door Sweep

For extra soundproofing, some will add a door sweep to the bottom of the door. There are two styles, brush and rubber strip. The brush style sweep which will accommodate changes in floor height, whereas the rubber style relies on a uniform height floor. Both styles will impact the aesthetics of the door, and may leave marks with long term use, so take that into consideration when purchasing one.

Weather Stripping

Some have used weather stripping applied to the edges of the door facing the wall. This technique reduces the gap between the door and the wall, without significantly impacting aesthetics. However, this tactic only works with walls that do not have molding, where there is a larger gap. A door opening with molding and baseboard will inherently be quieter than a door that just has a baseboard.

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